Our utilities division has a reputation for successfully delivering many contracts.
Our clients have been various water authorities, civil engineering and telecommunications companies.

Projects range from the following

∙ Mainlaying
∙ New connections
∙ Mains replacement
∙ Service laying
∙ Metering

Contracts include repair and maintenance and renewal and replacement of utilities within the civil engineering sector. We also carry out meter installation to properties and leakage detection.

Tony Mc Fadden Developments Limited are specialists in solving all problems associated with the water industry.Tony Mc Fadden Developments Limited have been at the forefront of no dig technology by using methods such as pipe bursting, pipe insertion and directional drilling to minimise disruption to the public and cost savings to the client.Tony Mc Fadden Developments Limited service and commitment regularly exceeds our customer expectations.

Leaking External Water Pipes.

As a property owner you are responsible for the water supply pipe supplying your property, the water companies responsibility ends at the property boundary.If a pipe bursts in your garden you may find that your local plumber is reticent in excavating and repairing which may be reflected in the price

Tony McFadden has been undertaking this type of work for over 20 years, our utilities division carries out such work on a daily basis for Water Companies, Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Individual home owners .We can offer an immediate solution to leaks and bursts on your external pipes or we can plan to relay your pipes with the minimum of excavation using non excavation techniques .

Lead Replacement.

Did you know!!

If you replace the lead pipe on your property your water company will replace the lead pipe back to the water main. Please ask for a free quotation on any aspect of your water supply pipes.

Lead pipe replacement

We also carry out lead pipe replacement using a machine called Kobus Pipe Puller. The Kobus machine is an innovative new way to remove lead or leaking water pipes and replace them with new MDPE pipe in a single action, without the need to dig trenches. The Kobus will replace lead, copper and old PVC water supply pipes in around 25% of the time and will cost less than traditional methods. For further information please see www.kobuspipepuller.com

Line Stopping technique

Another method of repairing water mains we use is Line Stopping. Our professional line stopping techniques bypass and isolate specific sections of water main for repairs, replacement of pipe, valves and hydrants to be installed. The stopping of the flow can be accomplished in minutes, without having to shut down the main or interruption of service.

Works can be carried out on scheduled outrages and projects or on emergency call outs.

Alternatively you can contact us to discuss your particular needs & requirements.

T: 01707 648420

E: info@tonymcfadden.co.uk