Tony McFadden Civil engineering & Building contractors,are able to provide services within Developments, Plant hire & Utilities divsion sectors……

For more information about our services please click on the sector of interest.We also carry out lead pipe replacement using Kobus Pipe Puller. The Kobus machine is an innovative new way to remove lead or leaking water pipes and replace them with new MDPE pipe in a single action, without the need to dig trenches. The Kobus will replace lead, copper and old PVC water supply pipes in around 25% of the time and will cost less than traditional methods.

Another method of repairing water mains we use is Line Stopping. Our professional line stopping techniques bypass and isolate specific sections of your distribution system for repairs, replacement of pipe, valves and hydrants. The stopping of the flow can be accomplished in minutes, without having to shut down the main or interruption of service.

Works can be carried out on scheduled outrages and projects or on emergency call outs

Alternativley you can contact us to discuss your particular needs & requirements.

T: 01707 648420